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This tool calculates air pressure for given elevation, if the value of air pressure at see level is provided.

Usual air pressure at sea level is about 1000 hPa (760 mmHg). The pressure drops with the rise of elevation. Highest elevated human settlements are situated at an altitude of about 5000 m above sea level. Air pressure at this altitude equals to a little above 500 hPa.

1. Calculation of air pressure at given elevation above sea level
 punktor Type in the reference air pressure at sea level into the Pressure at sea level window
 punktor Type in the desired elevation into the Elevation window and choose the unit for it (metres or feet)
 punktor The result will be displayed in the Pressure window
Pressure on sea level   


2. Elevation above sea level for selected cities

City Country Elevation [m] Elevation [ft] Air pressure [hPa](1)
Amsterdam Netherlands -1 -3.3 1000.12
Buenos Aires Argentina 10.5 34.4 998.76
London United Kingdom 14 45.9 998.34
Beijing China 44 144.3 994.79
Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 60 196.7 992.91
Kiev Ukraine 168 550.8 980.24
Jerusalem Israel 754 2472.1 913.78
Ankara Turkey 938 3075.4 893.68
Mexico City Mexico 2240 7344.3 761.46
La Rinconada Peru 5099 16718.0 526.12

(1) 1000 hPa at sea level

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