Pitot Tubes

Pitot tubes

Pitot tube is an accessory that allows to perform measurement of the flow velocity of the gas stream.
The measurement is performed indirectly – Pitot tube is connected to analyser’s differential pressure sensor. Analyser recalculates the differential pressure on the Pitot tube’s outlets to velocity.

Main features

  • Helps to perform measurement of the gas stream flow velocity - indirectly, by providing to the analyser the values of static and total pressures in the duct, that are recalculated to velocity by the analyser’s firmware.
  • Made of stainless steel 316L
  • Working temperature up to 600°C
  • Two different lengths available: 500mm and 800mm
  • Equipped with 2m silicone hoses to connect with all types of madur analysers (to connect with analyser’s differential pressure fittings)
  • For the stationary measurements, Pitot tube can be equipped with the ANSI flange 4’’ holder (optional equipment)

Ready to operate pitot tube (shown with flange holder for stationary operating)

Pitot tube

Pitot tube’s principle of operation


1. General parameters

Dimensions: nominal length | outer diameter 500mm or 800mm | 6mm
Coefficient K 1.0015 ± 0.01
Tube material Stainless steel 316L
Operating temperature range 0 ÷ 600°C
Accuracy Better than 1%, for a ±10° alignment to the gas stream
Connecting hoses (drawing #2): material | ID | OD | length silicone rubber | 4mm | 8mm | 2000mm
Adapter for 3mm fittings (drawing #3): material | ID | OD | length stainless steel / silicone rubber | 3mm | 7mm | 80mm

2. Chimney adapter (drawing #4)

Dimensions Φ228mm x 54mm
Weight 1.55kg
Flange ANSI 4” or metric DN100 (EN1092)
Mounting holes 4 holes for ANSI 4” (placed on 7.5” circle) and 4 holes for DN100
(placed on 170mm circle)
Material Stainless steel

3. Velocity calculation formula

Formula used for calculation of linear velocity of the gas stream based on the dynamic pressure measured with Pitot tube:

K - coefficient characteristic to a particular Pitot tube type
T - absolute gas temperature in the channel in [K]
PDYN - dynamic pressure measured with Pitot tube in [Pa]
P0 - atmospheric pressure (absolute) prevailing in the gas channel [Pa]

4. Drawings


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