Service – handling rules

General rules

The rules described herein apply to service performed in madur's service lab in Europe, and usually to the equipment sent to us by our dealers from different countries.

Our dealers, who provide their own service of madur equipment in the area of their countries, may have their own customer service rules, that can be different from the rules described in the herein document.
Our terminology concerning service is explained below.

Warranty service

Warranty service is a free-of-charge repair or replacement of equipment that is not functioning properly during the warranty period.
Rules for warranty service are described in a separate document called warranty conditions.

Post-warranty service

Post-warranty service includes payable repairs or modifications to equipment occurring after the warranty period.

Operational service

Operational service includes payable, periodical, service and/or calibration recommended or required for the correct operation of the madur equipment.

The initial diagnose of a problem

Before any decision is made about sending the analyser for service, our staff tries to determine if the failure has actually occurred and that it cannot be removed remotely. Help can be provided by our service team and by numerous documents and presentations (describing the test procedures) available on our website.

When to service

It very often happens that the operation of a device, which user considers to be faulty, is not an actual malfunction, but a consequence of improper handling or method of measurement or misinterpretation of the results.

Gas analysers are complex, multifunctional measuring devices and the analysis process is a complex issue. In order to receive the correct measurement results a series of conditions must be met. These conditions include the proper way of measurement, in particular:

 punktor participation in trainings requested by madur, delivered by madur trainers
 punktor owning a technical equipment that allows to perform maintenance (service and calibration) of madur analysers
 punktor employing a technician, trained in madur, that will be able to perform maintenance of madur analysers

Almost half of claimed malfunctions are caused by incorrect settings, lack of knowledge or limited knowledge concerning gas analysis issues or unfamiliarity with the user's manuals for analysers.

Remote service

We strongly recommend the use our online service and the remote support before deciding to send an analyser for service.

The service team can provide free-of-charge help in diagnosing a device, in particular to distinguish the cases where the repair in an authorised service is necessary. In other cases the client can achieve the correct functioning of his equipment by himself or with a use of remote support.


Delivering the equipment for service to madur headquarters

Completing the equipment

We recommend that the client sends the analyser complete – with all the additional equipment that is used with the device during measurements. This includes the dryer, heated hose, gas probe, external temperature sensor, communication cable etc. Very often, the problem does not concern the analyser itself but some of the cooperating equipment. If the analyser is delivered without the additional equipment, we might not be able to determine the fault. We also recommend attaching a document with detailed description of the problem and with the list of all equipment included in the service delivery. Ready-to-fill service request form can be viewed here.


Please ensure the proper packaging of your equipment. Poorly packaged analyser may suffer a damage during transport, more severe than the primary damage the analyser is sent for service.

From our experience, we know that the damage in transport occurs much less frequently from madur to the customer than the other way around. Unfortunately this is due to the poor packaging or lack of experience in proper packing.


The transport cost of the equipment both ways and transport risk are borne by the customer. In individual cases other agreements with dealers are possible.
From our experience, we know that the return shipments (ordered by madur for packages to be delivered to madur) are more expensive than shipments scheduled by customers. Our service team can assist in finding the optimal courier.

madur service – operating procedures

We comply with the following steps of service operating procedures:

1. Service request
2. Diagnosis and costs evaluation
3. Acceptance of service costs
4. Repair
5. Return of the repaired equipment

Detailed description of the service procedure can be found here.

Service warranty

All components replaced in the analyser under a payable service are a subject to the normal rules of warranty. Warranty applies only to components which have been repaired or replaced during service, and does not apply the entire device.

In order to recognise a warranty claim for an element X, it is necessary to present the invoice for the particular service, where element X was replaced or repaired.


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