803A5015A.M 803A5015A.M – Gasket for the gas quick coupler (O-ring 5x1.5mm)
Used in the gas quick-couplers
803B1320A.M 803B1320A.M – Oring 13,00 x 2,00; 70NBR
Used in gas chamber of GA-12 devices
803B1435A.M 803B1435A.M – Oring 14,00 x 3,50; 70NBR
Used in gas chamber in mamos and CMS-7 devices
803B1625A.M 803B1625A.M – Oring 16,00 x 2,50; 70NBR
Used in gas chamber of GA-12plus devices
803B2026A.M 803B2026A.M – Oring 20,24 x 2,62; 70NBR
Used with 3-series EC sensors
803B2120A 803B2120A – Oring 21,00 x 2,00; 70NBR
Used in gas chamber in mamos and CMS-7 devices
803B2226A.M 803B2226A.M – Gasket for the gas filter (O-ring 22.20x2.6mm)
Used in inline filters, MD-2 gas dryer, etc.
803B3220A.M 803B3220A.M – Oring 32,00 x 2,00; 82NBR
For MD-2 gas dryer
803B7640A 803B7640A – O-ring seal 76.00x4.00mm
Used in heated filter
803B8020A.M 803B8020A.M – Oring 80,00 x 2,00; 70NBR
Used in gas cooler in PGD-100 and CMS-7 devices
805A0020A 805A0020A – V-Ring seal VA-20-A
Used in heated filter
805A0028C.M 805A0028C.M – Gasket for the heated filter (V-ring V28)
Used in heated hoses


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