Delivery Time

Delivery time

Standard delivery time is indicated in the price lists for particular type of analysers. This time dependents on the type of device, and is about 5 to 20 working days for customised analyser. This time applies to the equipment that can be set up on the website with our online configurators.

Spare parts and consumables are available on regular basis (up to the amount of inventory). Access to ordering spare parts and consumables is possible after logging into the Shop on madur website.

Registration on our website gives access to the information about inventory, prices of individual goods, price lists and delivery times for all available equipment.

In some cases the delivery times may be extended, for example:

 punktor in case of large orders, both delivery times and often costs are determined individually
 punktor in case of unusual configuration of devices (e.g. non-standard gas sensors, non-standard sensor ranges, non-standard lengths of probe pipes)
 punktor in case of demanded firmware or software modification, delivery times are set individually.


Quick delivery

In the price lists, we highlight the most popular configurations of some of the analysers that are available "from stock". These include:

 punktor Ga-21plus analyser equipped with minidryer with O2, CO, NO/NOx sensors and standard 300mm gas probe
 punktor maMoS analyser in typical configuration for bio-gas measurements – with CO2 and CH4 sensors

These types of analysers are kept in stock and can be shipped to the client not later than within 3 working days. The delay is dictated by the necessity of final tests and calibration with reference gases.

If the delivery time I a decisive factor choosing the “on hand” equipment might be a good option.

"From stock" availability concerns deliveries from our European headquarters, but not necessarily from our local dealers - we ask to send individual inquiries.


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