Manufacturer warranty

madur Polska Sp. z o.o., registered in Zgierz (Poland), ul. Sadowa 37, guarantees to the buyer the correct operation of the product specified in the warranty card, provided intended use and principles set in the user manual delivered with the equipment.


Warranty does not cover:
 punktor consumables, in particular:
 punktor print paper and printer's ribbons
 punktor filters and filter inserts (except reusable types)
 punktor gas and peristaltic pump's components (hoses, membranes, gaskets)
 punktor gaskets of moving parts of the equipment
 punktor non-rechargeable batteries
 punktor bulbs and other consumable light sources
 punktor lamp and electrode stack for PID VOC sensors
 punktor damages caused by incorrect connection of the device to the mains power supply, abnormal parameters of the current in the mains power supply, or defective functioning of any external devices cooperating and connected to madur equipment
 punktor malfunction of the device caused by it's contamination (dust, water) due to improper use (e.g. of the correct filters)
 punktor incorrect measurements caused by the negligence of periodic factory calibrations recommended by the manufacturer
 punktor mechanical damages of goods including damages caused during transportation of the equipment to and from the client
 punktor damage which arouse due to natural disasters (fire, earthquake, flood), lightning, pollution
 punktor madur may refuse warranty repair if the product bears the signs of user's intervention or other persons not belonging to the authorised madur service (e.g. the device was repaired or dissembled etc.)
 punktor madur may refuse warranty repair if the device does not have a serial number and / or identification plates with which it was delivered or if the serial number of the equipment is different than the one on the invoice
 punktor madur's liability under this warranty is limited only to the repair or replacement of the product. Warranty does not cover liability for any indirect losses incurred by the customer due to a defect of the product.


Warranty period

Our product warranty is set for 24 months from the date of sale (date of invoice). Faults or defects of the equipment occurring within that time will be repaired free-of-charge according to the conditions described below.

Shortened warranty period

Some of the components, due to their character, have shorter warranty period. This applies to:

punktor electrochemical sensors – with 12 months warranty from the date of sale
punktor all types of batteries – with 12 months warranty from the date of sale
punktor PID VOC sensors – with 12 months warranty from the date of sale
(excluding lamp and electrode stack for PID VOC sensors)
punktor gas and peristaltic pumps – with 12 months warranty from the date of sale
punktor solenoid valves – with 12 months warranty from the date of sale

The way of removing defects

madur repairs or replaces defective equipment as a whole or only the faulty parts, at own discretion.


The warranty is recognised under condition that the faulty product is delivered with purchase invoice (copy) to the seller or madur's authorised service facility or to madur's headquarters. Customer is obliged to deliver faulty equipment at its own expense and own risk. Local dealers' addresses are available here.

Service time and the return shipment

punktor If the warranty claim is recognised, the service is performed in the typical service time. Repaired or replaced device is send back to the customer at madur's expense. The warranty period is prolonged for the service time of the equipment.
punktor If the warranty claim is not recognised, due to the regulations described in the herein document, the customer is informed about this fact via e-mail and is obliged to decide on how to proceed with the equipment. Possible repair and return-shipment of the device are performed at the expense of the customer.

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