Calculator: ppm → mg/m3

This tool converts volume concentration of given gas into mass (weight) concentration.

Coefficients that allow to convert gas concentration expressed in ppm to mg/m3 are not constant. They are depended on the gas temperature and pressure.

 punktor Select type of gas from the table on the right side of the page
 punktor Type in gas concentration expressed in ppm into the Volume concentration box
 punktor If needed, select proper standard conditions of pressure and temperature or type in the pressure and temperature values
 punktor The result will be shown in the Mass concentration window

Volume concentration   ppm
Mass concentration   mg/Nm3

Temperature & pressure conditions
Temperature   °C
Pressure   hPa

Standard conditions
 0 °C 1013.25hPa Physical Standard
 15 °C 1013.25hPa European Environmental Agency Standard


Symbol Name M [g/mol] K [mg/m3]
hydrogen 0.0899 0.004
nitrogen 1.2510 0.056
air 28.9645 1.292
oxygen 1.4280 0.064
hydrogen sulfide 34.0800 1.521
hydrogen chloride 36.4600 1.627
chloride 3.1600 0.141
methane 16.0400 0.716
ammonia 17.0310 0.760
carbon monoxide 28.0100 1.250
nitric oxide 30.0100 1.339
carbon dioxide 44.0100 1.964
nitrous oxide 44.0130 1.964
nitrogen dioxide 46.0055 2.053
sulfur dioxide 64.0660 2.859


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