Heated Filter

Heated filter

Primary conditions set to the stationary gas measurement systems are trouble-free operation and long maintenance intervals.
As the analysers very often work in harsh environments: toxic, caustic and much polluted, the proper conditioning of the gas sample is the top priority requirement.
For such applications madur's heated gas filter is an answer that provides proper preparation of the sample and protects fragile and sophisticated components of the gas analyser.
Heated filter was designed as a part of entire sampling system, to work with madur's stationary gas probe and heated hose. But, thanks to universal couplings and independent power supply filter can work stand-alone with equal success.


Main features

  • Water present in fumes + gaseous components react and create acids, very often caustic ones. To prevent water condensation and in consequence hindering creation of acids, the gas temperature must be kept above its dew point. Thanks to filter's heating this condition is met. Keeping the gas temperature above its dew point not only prevents creation of harmful acids, but most importantly, enables undisturbed measurement of gases that easily reacts with water.
  • Filter's casing allows easy access to its insert (that is washable, made of sintered stainless steel). Simultaneously with accessing the insert, maintenance crew has possibility to remove dust / soot residues that deposit inside it.
  • Cooperation with madur sampling system elements (heated hose, stationary probe pipe)
  • Cooperation with external systems - thanks to filter's universal connection ends - stainless steel pipe, OD=10mm - that can be clamped with e.g. Swagelok or DK-Lok couplers

Heated gas filter (with stationary probe and heated hose)


Filtering element made of sintered stainless steel


1. General parameters

Dimensions (H x W x D) 193mm x 122mm 122mm
Weight 2kg ÷ 3kg
Casing's material Aluminium, anodic oxidized
Gas path material Stainless steel (fittings, filter compartment), silicone rubber (sealings)
Storing temperature -20°C ÷ 60°C
Operating conditions T: -20°C ÷ 40°C, RH: 5% ÷ 90% (non-condensing)
Power supply: input | maximal power consumption 115V AC or 230V AC | 100W
Filter: material | OD | ID | length | pore size Siperm R (sintered stainless steel) | 30mm | 26mm | 90mm | 25µm
Gaseous connections: type | material DK-Lok DFS-10M | stainless steel
Warming-up time 10min
Desired filter temperature ~130°C



Hereby tool helps to configure, in few simple steps, ready to measure analyser. It allows to select main structural components, like gas dryer, gas sensors, etc. Some elements, like probe pipes are to be selected separately. This mini-configurator, generates a list of madur codes that identifies the selected configuration. Customer may add own comments and requests. Device configuration has to be verified by pressing the Refresh button in the Order Summary section. Order summary can be send to our sale engineers for validation and in order to obtain price offer.

Presenting prices principles

Heated filter standard equipment supplied along with the device

  • Heated filter with 2 gas connections (for smooth 10mm pipe)
  • Filter is adjusted to a selected power supply voltage (115V or 230V AC) and is equipped with 5m cable (without the plug)
  • Additionally, filter is supplied with 2 stainless steel pipes (length=100mm, OD=10mm) to connect the filter to the process installation
  • Also, provided with filter insert, made of sintered stainless steel (90mm x 30mm)

Optional equipment & spare parts

Filter insert


Filter insert made of sintered stainless steel, cleanable repeatedly

Ordering code:

V-Ring seal


V-20 seal made of Viton rubber - spare part for heated filter

Ordering code:

O-Ring 76mm x 4mm


O-Ring 76mmx4mm made of EPDM rubber - spare part for heated filter

Ordering code:

Elbow #1


Union elbow 10mm x 10mm
May be useful to connect the heated filter to process installation, or heated hose.

Ordering code:

Elbow #2


Male elbow 10mm | 1/4 NPT outside thread
May be useful to connect the heated filter to the installation with threaded fasteners

Ordering code:

Tightening nut 10mm


Tightening nut for 10mm pipe - spare part for the heated filter

Ordering code:

Tightening rings for the 10mm pipe


Set of two rings for building the installation with 10mm pipes

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