maPress – dual sensor differential pressure meter

maPress - pressure meter equipped with two differential pressure sensors allowing to perform hi-resolution / hi-range measurements of pressure without switching range.
Besides pressure it allows to measure chimney draft, flow velocity, temperatures and relative humidity.
Small size and reach offer of accessories makes maPress attractive pressure analyser.


Main features

  • Equipped with 2 differential pressure sensors:
    • for low range, high resolution measurements,
    • for high range measurements
  • Measurements of chimney draft and flow velocity (with help of Pitot tube)
  • Works with an external portable printer via wireless communication (IR LED)
  • Supply with four replaceable AA batteries (alkaline, Ni-Cd or Ni-MH) that provides up to 60 hours of work
  • 150mm fixed probe
  • Optionally, 150mm fixed probe with measurement of gas temperature
  • Cooperation with digital RH and temperature sensors
  • Results presented on LCD display (128x64) with back-lighting
  • Built-in large memory for results saving
  • Calculations of many additional parameters

maPress in its carrying case


Ready to operate maPress with accessories


Front and side view


Bottom view


Top view


Example screenshots from the device


PC software example screenshot


1. General parameters

Dimensions (H x W x D) 253 x 116 x 47mm
Weight (analyser itself without batteries and accessories) 360g
Housing material ABS case, rubber protective boot (optional)
Operating conditions T: 10°C ÷ 50°C, RH: 5% ÷ 90% (non-condensing)
Storing temperature -20°C ÷ +55°C
Power supply 4 x AA battery (alkaline or Ni-Cd or Ni-MH)
Operating time (new alkaline batteries) Up to 60 hours
Number of pressure sensors 2
Memory for results for 64 measurement reports
Display Graphical LCD 128x64, with variable contrast and LED back-lighting
Printer External thermal IR printer MCP 8850 with charger
Communication interface with PC computer RS-232C
Pressure probe: length | hose length | temp. range 150mm | 2m | 300°C max
Pressure probe with temperature measurement:
length | hose length | temp. range
150mm or 250mm | 2m | 300°C max
Gas filtering (only for pressure probe with temp. measurement) In-line filter included in the gas probe hose

2. Pressure / temperature measurements

Variable Method Range | resolution Accuracy Time (T90)
Differential pressure
hi-res sensor
silicon piezo-resistance pressure sensor -25hPa ÷ +25hPa | 0.1Pa (0.0001hPa) ± 1Pa abs. or 5% rel. 10 sec
Differential pressure
hi-range sensor
silicon piezo-resistance pressure sensor -200hPa ÷ +200hPa | 1Pa (0.01hPa) ± 10Pa abs. or 5% rel. 10 sec
Tgas – gas temperature K-type thermocouple -10 ÷ 1000°C | 0.1°C ± 2°C 10 sec
Tamb – boiler intake air temperature PT500 resistance sensor -10 ÷ 100°C | 0.1°C ± 2°C 10 sec
Gas flow velocity (optional) Indirect, with Pitot tube & pressure sensor 1 ÷ 50m/s | 0.1m/s 0.3m/s abs. or 5% rel. 10 sec
RH% – relative humidity SHT11 capacitive polymer sensor (special probe needed) 5 ÷ 95% | 1% ± 5% abs. 10 sec



Hereby tool helps to configure, in few simple steps, ready to measure analyser. It allows to select main structural components, like gas dryer, gas sensors, etc. Some elements, like probe pipes are to be selected separately. This mini-configurator, generates a list of madur codes that identifies the selected configuration. Customer may add own comments and requests. Device configuration has to be verified by pressing the Refresh button in the Order Summary section. Order summary can be send to our sale engineers for validation and in order to obtain price offer.

Presenting prices principles

maPress standard equipment supplied along with the device.

  • Carrying case made of HDPE for the device and its accessories
  • Pressure probe
  • 4xAA alcaline batteries
  • 2.5m RS-232C communication cable with DB9 female connector
  • Software CD with programs and manuals

supplemental equipment - ordered separately, but essential to work with the gauge

Pressure probe 150mm


Complete pressure probe L=150mm, made of stainless steel.

Ordering code:
E-SON0201 (L=150mm)

Pressure probe 150mm with thermocouple for temperature measurement


Complete pressure probe (L=150mm, OD=8mm). Made of stainless steel, equipped with K-type thermocouple. Delivered with fastening cone, in-line filter and 2.0m gas-electric line with 4-pin male plug.

Ordering code:
E-SON1200 (L=150mm)

Optional equipment, spare parts and accessories

Portable printer and printer paper


Portable printer (battery operated), communicates with the analyser via wireless HP-IR interface.
Allows to print measurements results instantly on the 58mm thermal paper. The printer is delivered together with 4 Ni-MH rechargeable batteries, mains adapter (for batteries charging) and single roll of paper.

Ordering code:
M20-2DHP2 – printer
V-THP5701 – thermal paper roll

Magnetic holder


Modified battery cover with magnets installed in it. This magnetic holder allows to attach the analyser to the metal parts of the boiler, what makes the operation with the analyser even simpler. Replaces the standard battery cover. Delivered with fixing screw.

Ordering code:

Leatherette casing


Soft casing (just for the analyser) made from leatherette, protects the analyser during transport.

Ordering code:

Rubber protector


Special rubber protector for the analyser’s casing. Protects the analyser against hits and blows.

Ordering code:

Ambient temperature sensor


This ambient PT500 temperature sensor on a 3m cable is used for measurement of the boiler’s inlet air.

Ordering code:

RH and ambient temperature probe


Probe for RH and ambient temperature measurements.
Not-suitable for inside stack measurements (working temperature up to 120°C).

Ordering code:

Pitot tube


Pitot tube is used for indirect measurement of gas flow velocity (measurement with the analayser’s differential pressure sensor).
Few length of tubes are available. Pitot tube has 2m gas tubings to connect it with the analyser.

Ordering code:

RS232C to USB converter


2.5m cable that allows to connect the analyser (its RS232C port) with USB port in PC computer (especially valuable when PC is not equipped with COM port).

Ordering code:

Bluetooth communication module


Module connected to the analyser’s RS232C port, allows to communicate with PC computer over Bluetooth protocol.

Ordering code:

AA alcaline batteries or Ni-MH AA rechargeable batteries


Alkaline batteries, 1.5V, size AA.

Ordering code:

Rechargeable batteries Ni-MH, 1.2V, size AA, 2000mAh (or better).

Ordering code:

Remember the rechargeable batteries need external charger (cannot be charged inside the analyser)!

Pressure test kit


Pressure test kit allows to perform leakage test of the pneumatic / gas installations.

Ordering code:


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