Orders - handling rules

Channels of communication

Orders can be placed via any of these communication channels:

 punktor email – only to sales@madur.com
 punktor madur website – after logging in
 punktor by phone
 punktor by Skype communicator

The most preferrable is the first communication method – email. We strongly discourage to send an order to more than one communication channel, to few email addresses or to personal email addresses of our team. E.g., an email with an order sent to a private email account of our employee may be over-sighted when this person is on annual leave.

Order format

We recommend the *.pdf format of the order sent as an attachment in an email. The document signed with clients unique number allows easier identification of particular order.

If the client is not absolutely sure about the configuration of ordered analyser, he is encouraged to send order inquiry instead of order and our sales team will advise on the final configuration.

Content of the order and order inquiry

The most convenient for us is when our stock codes are included in the sent order. Our stock code can be found in price lists, on-line shop and in the online configurators. Every manufactured device can be described with a set of stock codes.

We encourage you to use the device configurators on our website. Instructions for using Configurator are available here. Film showing an example configuration of the device is located here.

Descriptive methods of formulating orders often leads to misunderstandings, prolongs the process of creating an order and as a result brings unnecessary hassle.

All additional specifications or requirements (such as delivery place or extra insurance) should also be places in the order.


If any customised options are required (e.g. other than those mentioned in the price lists or configurators, like different types of sensors or their ranges), they must be mentioned in the order as a detailed, written comment.

Please note that customised options (assuming of course that they are feasible) will be evaluated individually. Detailed information about this can be found in the price lists. Typically custom options cost up to 20% more than the standard ones, but this does not always have to be a rule as some requirements are very difficult to meet.

This is how a hypotetical order or order inquiry can look alike.

Order confirmation (offer)

In a response to a request or inquiry, madur sales team contacts the client, explains any uncertainties and in the end forms an offer or order's confirmation that is send to the customer via email as a pdf file.

Order confirmation is then sent to the client via email. This document includes a list of all ordered products. All parts bought separately, straight from the store without the necessity of configuration, will be mentioned with their price and quantity in the document. In case of devices, the full configuration is shown, with information about the prices for all the options. In addition, the document indicates the estimated dispatch date of the order, also mentioned are the terms and cost of delivery, assuming that the shipping will take place in a single batch. In case of the price offer its validity is mentioned. This is how the order confirmation and the offer can look like.

Acceptance of confirmation

The next move belongs to the client. If the content of confirmation corresponds to his order, and the prices are acceptable then the client must send an acceptance of confirmation back to madur sales team. If the client sees any inaccuracies or intends to change the details of the order, he must explain it all to a member of madur sales team (using any communication channel) and receive a corrected confirmation of the order (offer) to reflect his attention.
As a result, the client should receive a satisfactory offer in a pdf format file (via email). In the end, the client shall inform madur (necessarily e-mail) that accepts the confirmation (or offer) and in that way places a final order. From this point we consider the order as submitted, and from that point we start counting the realisation time.

We very strongly recommend attention to details while reading the confirmation and sending the acceptance ONLY when all information is clear and the confirmation really complies with the client's demands!


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